Author: Alaa Abdelaal

Aquatic Physiotherapy

Aquatic Physiotherapy: 4 Approaches for Novelty in Water

In this post, we will be briefly going through how Aquatic physiotherapy utilizes water immersion properties and forces acting upon the body to create a positive effect during steps of rehabilitation.

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What are the duties of a home nurse

To begin with, upon entering the patient’s home the nurse assesses their patient’s condition if they have any symptoms they know, any medication they are taking and physical pain they have (back pains, shoulder pains, and leg pains). Gather information about their patient’s health status. This

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Here At Nordic Home Health Care We Care About You

Nordic Healthcare offers wide range of medical and nursing services inspired by renowned European Healthcare System with highly skilled DHA licensed medical professionals, located in the luxurious and delightful city of Dubai in UAE. The centre is an assortment of global healthcare doctors, nurses, and support

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