What are the duties of a home nurse

To begin with, upon entering the patient’s home the nurse assesses their patient’s condition if they have any symptoms they know, any medication they are taking and physical pain they have (back pains, shoulder pains, and leg pains).

Gather information about their patient's health status.

This assessment involves gathering information about their patient’s health status, present symptoms, medications, and any medical care they may have. Nurses may also check the patient’s vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and respiration rate.


During this initial assessment it is required for the nurses to inform the patient and patient’s family members, this way they will build trust and create open conversation. The nurse will also evaluate the patient’s environment to ensure it’s safe and conducive to the patient’s care and needs.

Planning for their Patient's care plan

Once they finish assessing their patient’s health status, the nurse then develops a personalized care plan to their patients needs and preferences. This care plan outlines their interventions, treatments, and activities necessary to their patient’s health goals meanwhile promoting their overall well-being.

Implementing their Patient's care plan

Once the care plan is established and agreed upon, the nurse begins implementing the care planned interventions. This may involve prescribing medications, wound care, assistance in daily activities, educating, and monitoring the patient’s response to every treatment.


Nurses make sure that the patient follows the care plan regularly. Meanwhile they observe and improve/adjust the patient care plan based on the changes of their patient health status.

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